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Divorce / Dissolution

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Attorney Jeremy L. Clark of the Clark Law Office have years experience in divorce and dissolution cases. We understand the worry and the sense of helplessness that can come from ending your marriage relationship. Let us help you understand the legal process involved in your case and protect your rights during one of the most stressful and difficult times of your life.

Divorce is a law suit for the purpose of ending the marriage, dividing the assets and debts of the marriage, and allocating parenting rights and obligations. A divorce begins with a complaint filed by one spouse against the other. In a typical divorce, the parties will enter into negotiations with the goal of making agreements to settle the issues in their case. If the parties reach a complete agreement, the case can proceed to an uncontested final hearing at which the parties submit their agreement to the court to become court orders. If the parties are not able to reach agreements on some or all of their contested issues, the court will conduct a trial at which the parties may submit evidence in support of their case. The court uses the evidence given by both parties to make decisions and issue orders.

Dissolution is a form of divorce in which both spouses agree to all terms of separation of assets and debts, and all issues related to parenting BEFORE the case is filed with the court. In a dissolution case, each party is a co-petitioner with the other, avoiding the stigma of one party being sued for divorce.

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