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Child Support

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Attorney Jeremy L. Clark and the Clark Law Office are proud to help people in their most desperate times of need. Child support law is very strict and can ruin a families life. A parent will be charged with a felony offense if they fail to obey the law. Child support law is effective in ensuring that a child gets all the needed support and finances necessary to live healthy and safely. These laws also work out well for the state in that they lower budget costs each year in programs like welfare, WIC, and section eight. Child support law is complex and there are many issues which only apply in certain cases. Seeking a professional’s opinion will allow you to fully understand your legal duties and available options.

The Clark Law Office is dedicated to obtaining justice for your child. Family law courts hear cases involving these areas. Many of the courts offer access to self-help services and legal forms for individuals to proceed without an attorney. Family law encompasses a wide spectrum of issues pertaining to the family, including marriage, divorce, alimony, child support, and adoption. Divorce, adoption, estate planning, and other aspects of family law typically require the assistance of a family law attorney to help resolve these sensitive situations. We encourage mediation and negotiation to achieve amicable resolutions of divorce issues such as division of property, child custody, child and spousal support, and modifications. We are also experienced in litigation and will vigorously defend our client in court when negotiations fail.

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