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Civil Rights Violation

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The Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States was the first American document to guarantee citizens certain rights and protections. Violations of the Fourth Amendment, the Sixth Amendment, and even the Fourteenth Amendment are common in litigation involving violations of civil rights by law enforcement.

At the Clark Law Office we are dedicated to representing people who have had their constitutionally guaranteed civil rights violated. In the context of law enforcement, this can include a wide range of police activities:

  • Use of excessive force in the arrest a suspect
  • Police brutality
  • False arrest
  • Racial profiling in enforcement of statutes or regulations
  • Illegal detention or imprisonment
  • Aggravated sexual abuse
  • Searches conducted without a warrant
  • Failure to provide a timely release to a pretrial criminal suspect
  • Misapplication of deadly force in apprehending a suspect
  • Failure to meet the medical needs of a suspect


While there is a wide range of police misconduct that can be considered a civil rights violation, rudeness, harassment, and antagonism are not among them. However, according to Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 it is not necessary for the victim to demonstrate that anyone acting under the color of law was motivated by the victim’s the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin to prove a civil rights violation.

We have successfully represented numerous clients who have had their civil rights violated by law enforcement. While we recognize that most police offices have a positive influence on our communities, our attorneys are committed to holding problem officers and complacent police departments responsible for their actions.

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